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Updated Claims List

updated 09-05-04 at 6:04 PM PST

CLAIMS LIST -- in alphabetical order

Britney Spears >> erics_babygirl (not sharing)

Family, Friends & Associates
Britney's Dance Blake >> b3njil0vejustin (not sharing)
Britney's Dad >> 0utrageous (not sharing)
Brandon Henchel >> sleep_2_dream00 (not sharing)
Big Rob >> jtadore (not sharing)
Britney's Brother >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Britney's Cousin From BOMT Video >> thatshot
Britney's Dog >> onemorefight (not sharing)
Britney's Ex-Boyfriend Justin Timberlake >> lostresistance (not sharing)
Britney's Mom >> __justified (not sharing)
Carissa Seaman [dancer] >> dghterjudy (not sharing)
Chris Kirkpatrick [NSYNC] >> (open again to claim)
Christina Aguilera >> secret_angel (not sharing)
Colin Ferrel >> xhopelesstearsx (not sharing)
Columbus Short >> b3njil0vejustin (not sharing)
Crossroads Cast [entire] >> me_4_me (not sharing)
Dibatekka Versace >> misty_allure (not sharing)
Felicia >> (open again to claim)
Jamie Lynn >> foundmysong and manyxfaces (no longer shareable)
Justin Timberlake >> secret_angel (not sharing)
JC Chasez >> southern_thang (not sharing)
Laura Lynn [cousin] >> starlight_nite (not sharing)
Madonna >> bertiedav (not sharing)
Mandy Moore >> oldsoulpoetress (not sharing)
Natalie Portman >> (open again to claim)
Pharrell >> naturellebella (not sharing)
Pink >> ucantholdmedown
Ryan Gosling >> unique_dreamer (not sharing)
Wade Robson >> _0bscene_ (not sharing)

Autumn Goodbye >> starlight_nite (not sharing)
Baby One More Time >> lostresistance (not sharing)
Before The Goodbye >> babi1moretime (not sharing)
Boom Boom >> erics_babygirl (not sharing)
Born To Make You Happy >> __surrender (not sharing)
Boys >> misty_allure (not sharing)
Boys and Girls >> secret_angel (not sharing)
Brave New Girl >> jtadore (not sharing)
Breathe On Me >> bertiedav (not sharing)
Cinderella >> manyxfaces (not sharing)
Crazy >> erics_babygirl (not sharing)
Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know >> captain_molly {not sharing}
Don't Hang Up >> thatshot (not sharing)
Early Mornin' >> 0utrageous (not sharing)
Everytime >> thatshot (not sharing)
From the Bottom of my Broken Heart >> xtornxupxgirlx (not sharing)
Heart >> southern_thang (not sharing)
I'm A Slave 4 You >> pleasure (sharing)
I've Just Begun (having my fun) >> me_4_me (not sharing)
I Run Away >> thatshot (not sharing)
I Will Be There >> me_4_me (not sharing)
I Will Still Love You >> blueappolo88 (not sharing)
Lonely >> __justified (not sharing)
Lucky >> simple_ (not sharing)
Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman >> ucantholdmedown (not sharing)
Outrageous >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Outrageous (Remixes) >> the_chris_zone (unknown if they are sharing)
Overprotected >> xhopelesstearsx (not sharing)
Shadow >> erics_babygirl (not sharing)
She'll Never Be Me >> secret_angel (not sharing)
Showdown >> _slaveforyou (not sharing)
Sometimes >> xhopelesstearsx (not sharing)
Stronger >> heartwire (not sharing)
That's Where You Take Me >> sleep_2_dream00 (not sharing)
The Answer >> unique_dreamer (not sharing)
Touch of My Hand >> bertiedav (not sharing)
Toxic >> oohlala (not sharing)
Weakness >> onemorefight (not sharing)
What It's Like To Be Me >> naturellebella (not sharing)
When I Found You >> xxsexymellyxx (not sharing)
When Your Eyes Say It >> oldsoulpoetress (not sharing)

..Baby One More Time >> _slaveforyou (not sharing)
Born to Make You Happy >> __surrender (not sharing)
Boys Co-Ed Remix >> southern_thang (not sharing)
Boys (Original Cut) >> oldsoulpoetress (not sharing)
Crazy >> erics_babygirl (not sharing)
Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know >> manyxfaces (not sharing)
Dream Within A Dream Concert Footage >> onemorefight (not sharing)
Everytime >> oohlala
I Love Rock N' Roll >> bertiedav and sleep_2_dream00 (no longer shareable)
I'm A Slave For You >> truelove829 and misty_allure (no longer shareable)
Lucky >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Me Against The Music >> thatshot (not sharing)
Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman >> 0utrageous (not sharing)
Oops I Did It Again >> naturellebella (not sharing)
Oops! I Did It Again- Tour Video Backdrop Footage >> me_4_me (not sharing)
Outrageous >> the_chris_zone (unknown if they are sharing)
Overprotected >> thatshot (not sharing)
Sometimes >> (open again to claim)
Stronger >> unique_dreamer (not sharing)
Toxic >> babi1moretime (not sharing)

Body Parts
Britney's Abs >> starlight_nite (not sharing)
Britney's Arms >> oldsoulpoetress (not sharing)
Britney's Belly Button >>  babi1moretime (not sharing)
Britney's Body >> pleasure (not sharing)
Britney's Boobs >> __justified (not sharing)
Britney's Butt >> southern_thang (not sharing)
Britney's Clothes >> xtornxupxgirlx (not sharing)
Britney's Eyes >> ucantholdmedown (not sharing)
Britney's Eyelashes >> misty_allure (not sharing)
Britney's Feet >> onemorefight (not sharing)
Britney's Face >> thatshot (not sharing)
Britney's Hair >> erics_babygirl (not sharing)
Britney's Hands >> naturellebella (not sharing)
Britney's Legs >> blueapollo88 (not sharing)
Britney's Lips >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Britney's Middle Finger >> me_4_me (not sharing)
Britney's Mouth >> sleep_2_dream00 (not sharing)
Britney's Nails >> 0utrageous (not sharing)
Britney's Neck >> unique_dreamer (not sharing)
Britney's Lower Back >> the_chris_zone (unknown if they are sharing)
Britney's Smile >> simple_ (not sharing)
Britney's Stomach >> bertiedav (not sharing)
Britney's Teeth >> dghterjudy (not sharing)
Britney's Tongue >> krayzechick (not sharing)
Britney's Voice >> lovecrossed and truelove829 (no longer shareable)

Britney's Accent >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Britney's Accessories >> naturellebella (not sharing)
Britney's Abercrombie Bag >> me_4_me (not sharing)
Britney's Baby One More Time Tour >> xxsexymellyxx (not sharing)
Britney's Bank Account >> simple_ (not sharing)
Britney's Belly Ring >> ucantholdmedown (not sharing)
Britney's Black Hair in the Toxic video >> bsfan4ever (not sharing)
Britney's Cigarettes >> _0bscene_ (sharing)
Britney's Car [Mercedes SL500] >> bertiedav (not sharing)
Britney's CDs [her solo cds] >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Britney's Clothes >> (open again to claim)
Britney's Costume [VMA performance outfit '00] >> secret_angel (not sharing)
Britney's Costume [VMA performance '01] >> erics_babygirl (not sharing)
Britney's Credit Cards >> parisxhilton (not sharing)
Britney's Crossroads [Movie] >> krayzechick (not sharing)
Britney's Dancing >> foundmysong and rain_in_the_sun (no longer shareable)
Britney's Dance Beats [Movie] >> krayzechick (not sharing)
Britney's Dream Within A Dream Tour [Entire] >> sleep_2_dream00 (not sharing)
Britney's Fuck You Belt >> misty_allure (not sharing)
Britney's Giggle >> candy_wrappers (no longer shareable)
Britney's Hollister shirts >> ohdramatize (not sharing)
Britney's Hats >> southern_thang (not sharing)
Britney's Jewelry >> manyxfaces (not sharing)
Britney's Kabbalah Bracelet >> the_chris_zone (unknown if they are sharing)
Britney's Kiss With Madonna >> parisxhilton (not sharing)
Britney's Laugh >> jtadore (not sharing)
Britney's Marlboro Lights >> l0ve___angel (not sharing)
Britney's Miss Caprizo Cowboy Boots >> (open again to claim)
Britney's "Oh My Lordie" [saying] >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Britney's Onyx Hotel Tour >> pleasure (not sharing)
Britney's Performance [VMA '00] >> _0bscene_ (not sharing)
Britney's Performance of Everytime [SNL] >> __surrender (not sharing)
Britney's Performance of "Breathe On Me" at Las Vegas Palms >> xxsexymellyxx (not sharing)
Britney's Piercing >> thatshot
Britney's Red Hair in Toxic Video >> parisxhilton (not sharing)
Britney's Sense of Humor >> 0utrageous (not sharing)
Britney's Shoes >> parisxhilton (not sharing)
Britney's Simpson Character >> oldsoulpoetress (not sharing)
Britney's Smoking Habit >> __justified (not sharing)
Britney's Snake >>  (open again to claim)
Britney's Starbucks Obsession >> unique_dreamer (not sharing)
Britney's Talent >> blueapollo88 (not sharing)
Britney's Tattoo's >> lovecrossed (not sharing)
Britney's Tears >> onemorefight (not sharing)
Britney's Trailer Trash Image >> erics_babygirl (unknown if they are sharing)
Britney's Virginity >> starlight_nite (not sharing)
Britney's Wardrobe [underwear included] >> rockstargml (not sharing)
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